‘Elena Gilbert, property of Stefan Salvatore’

‘Dear Diary, 

I did something very selfless today. I lend Elena one of my books, Wuthering Heights. I actually didn’t want to, because you know, it’s MINE, but I couldn’t give her Gone with the Wind. It’s Damon’s and if he found out I gave his book away, he’d do something very evil, like…shaving my head. Elena said she would give it back, and I was like, ‘Yeah, you better bitch, or else I’ll do something, like, ….whine and complain, and make you feel very guilty, because you WRONGED me!’ 

I totally freaked out, when I heard Matt talk to Elena about Vicky. Vicky remembered being attacked by a vampire! So I had to go to the hospital and fix that. So I went there and I said: ‘Okay, listen up, bitch. Last night, a chincilla attacked you, got it?’ 

Elena went by, and she talked to Damon! That pissed me off badly! She didn’t even call first, she just barged in! So rude! And Damon said I wasn’t always so HOT. Yeah, well, the only time he looked better than me, was when we were babies and that doesn’t count. He’s just jealous, because he’s not as cool as I am. 
Maybe I should go to a pet store, and buy a leash. Then I’ll tie it around Elena’s neck, and each time she’s getting too close to Damon, I’ll push that button that curtails the leash. I might also get her a tag, saying ‘Elena Gilbert, property of Stefan Salvatore’ 

I ran into Matt this evening. He asked me what I was doing in the hospital and I was like ‘Territorial, much? What, do you own the place or something? You wanna fight? Come on, let’s fight. NO! I was kidding! Not the face!’ 
He also said he was looking out for Elena, and I said ‘Geez, keep your claws in’ I wanted to scratch him, but I just had my nails done, so that wasn’t an option. 

Fortunately, I got out without a scratch. 

Later, Elena came back to my house, and she said she was scared. Good. The more scared she is, the better I can control her. She said she was scared to be happy again, but she doesn’t have to worry, because I’m not trying to make her happy. What matters is how I feel, and having her as my little, obedient, insecure bitch, makes me feel very awesome 🙂 #irocksohard 

I also kissed her. Highfive to myself…AHH! Crap, that hurt! 

Gotta go put some ice on that…. 

xoxo, Steffie’ Imageva