What Damon figured out in less than 5 minutes… ;)

‘Dear Diary, 

OMG! Katherine’s ALIVE! I saw her, in a car! She was sitting in the backseat, and the car was in the water. There were people in the front, a man and his wife, and the man said I had to save Katherine first, and I’m like, ‘Dude, she’s a vampire, she ain’t gonna die, you know’ 

So, I saved her. I wanted to save the others, too, but then I’d have to stay in the water longer, and my perfect hair would be so messed up, and I’d have a wrinkled skin, and I just can’t have that, you know. 
At least I saved the girl. I’m such a HERO! 

Now, I’ve been following her around, waiting for the right moment to talk to her, but I know she’ll want me back. No normal girl can live without me. That’s universally impssible, lol! 

I will keep you posted =D 

xoxo, Steffie’ 

4 months later: 

‘Dear Diary, 
OMG! Remember when I said I saw Katherine! It wasn’t Katherine! She’s just a human girl, who could be her twin. 

So, that’s why everyone keeps calling her Elena… 

Well, tomorrow I’ll be going to school. So excited! I hope I’ll make a bunch of friends 🙂 What am I saying? Of course I’ll make a bunch of friends. They’ll line up to be my friend. They should kiss the ground I walk on! 

Wish me luck 🙂 

xoxo, Steffie’