Stefan Salvatore, tragic hero

‘Dear Diary,

Today at school I got the impression Bonnie doesn’t like me very much. Bonnie is Elena’s witch friend, and witches generally don’t like me that much. I know what you’re thinking, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE, right? Elena said that, once Bitch (that’s mashup for Bonnie and witch, I know, I’m a genius) got to know me better, she would love me. I’ll give it a day. If she doesn’t like me by then, there’s something seriously wrong with her, lol. But, Elena invited me and her friend over for dinner, to give me a fair chance to win her over. And winning people over is something I’m quite good at.

BTW, I totally impressed Elena by catching a ball. I should join the team. They can use a player as brilliant as me.

Elena told me she was more than just a sad girl, that there was a more fun girl in her, and that she will soon rise to the surface. I kinda hope I won’t have to meet her, because sad girls are my area of expertise. They are much easier to manipulate.

So, I joined the team. Needless to say they ADORED me! Except for Tyler. I don’t know what his deal is, but he tackled me. That was so mean of him! I should tell Tanner about it, but I won’t, because I understand why he did it. Tyler is just jealous, because deep down he will never be as good a player as I am, and that’s gotta hurt. I wouldn’t know, because I’m perfect in everything I do 🙂

BTW, Damon read in this book! What kind of a decent brother reads someone’s diary? He said he saw Elena and that she looked very perky…I really need to go buy that leash…

Elena’s dinner. Well, for starters, everything was store bought. Elena had put everything in a nice bowl, but, uh, you don’t fool Stefan Salvatore that easy. But she made up for it, when she tried to tell Bonnie how I was the hero of the field today. However, Bonnie cut her off! That is so NOT DONE! When someone wants to brag about me, you need to give them a microphone and let the speak to the crowd!
Then Elena spilled Bonnie’s related to witches. I said some rubbish about how salem witches were cool heroes, and all that nonsense, and BINGO! I got in.

Of course, just when everything started to go in the right direction, Damon and his blondie locks had to come and crash the party. I told Elena that Damon couldn’t stay, but she invited him in anyway. I HATE girls who don’t obey their boyfriends.

Too pissed to write more.

xoxo, Steffie’


‘Dear Diary,

Elena quit the team. I wonder, if I ask her nicely, would she give me her chearleading costume?

Tanner gave a speech about how awesome I am. I like this dude. He knows his facts.
Jeremy got into a fight with Tyler, and the stupid kid cut me with a broken bottle. Nearly exposed me to Elena!

Damon killed Tanner! That really sucks. I liked the way he bragged about me 😦 Damon is such a monster! What are you saying? If Damon is a monster, then what does that make me? I am a very troubled, misunderstood, tragic hero.


xoxo, Steffie’




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